MediaSense: Marketing Innovation and Cutting Edge Solutions

Integrated marketing solutions to dozens of Fortune 1000 companies. MediaSense is a marketing leader.

MediaSense is an offspring of the new innovation economy. The innovation economy has revolutionized today’s communications and marketing. And innovation will continue to drive change.

In 2001, Kay Lucas, founder and CEO of MediaSense was prompted to create a company that had the ability to successfully embrace change and harness the spirit of innovation. We have adopted a philosophy around harnessing the total media environment — traditional and cutting edge — to create, develop and execute strategic marketing solutions that deliver tangible, measurable results for our clients.

We combine digital technology, unique experiential canvasses and time tested elements and principles to provide our clients with the right solution to meet their objectives and beyond. MediaSense supports the power of integrated marketing to yield our clients increases profits and wildly successfully results.

We are the connection point between our blue chip clients and their ability to master the new innovation economy even as they maintain their core brand integrity and equity.


We are in a continuous state of ideation. We stay ahead of the market to create highly effective marketing solutions.

We mix-it-up with our customized programs, every solution has a BIG IDEA woven through integrated marketing touch points such as: traditional/non-traditional media, digital, social, mobile, event marketing, grass roots, trade, retail, and PR.

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