Kay Lucas

About Kay Lucas

Kay Lucas is CEO and Managing Director of MediaSense, a company that specializes in designing and executing integrated marketing solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Kay has over 20 years of advertising and marketing experience. Her expertise lies in bringing together diverse traditional and cutting edge marketing elements in order to create extraordinary results for her clients. She has also worked closely with select media business start-ups to help them successfully develop a solid business vision and strategy in the new media environment – the foundation for growth and profitability.

Kay began her career at Grey Advertising after completing a dual degree in Economics and Math at the University of Chicago. There she received top level training working on major brands such as Kraft Foods, Warner Bros. Movies, and P&G. She soon escalated within the Grey corporate ranks to become Group Head before electing to take a three year hiatus to run her own family’s music recording business – Likasa Music that produced the likes of Madonna’s first album – Madonna.

Kay soon returned back to her first love, advertising, and began to develop executive management skills in smaller agencies settings where her focus became new business acquisition, strategic planning, and departmental management. These agencies included Lord, Geller, Federico, Einstein, Inc., Lord Einstein O’Neill, The Mingo Group, and The UniWorld Group. Over this period, her account experience expanded to include AT&T, Burger King, IBM, Kidder-Peabody, The House of Seagram, The U.S. Army, Lincoln-Mercury, Coach Leatherware, Poland Springs, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Microsoft, Sony, Dow Jones, Dean Witter, The Bank of America, and Colgate-Palmolive. In this time, Kay was directly involved in a series of new business initiatives that resulted in increased revenue of over $200M.

At UniWorld Group, Kay also had the privilege of working closely with the former CEO, Byron Lewis, to build and finance new media ventures including America’s Black Forum TV Show, UniverSoul Circus, American Black Film Festival, The Judge Mathis Show, and others. This allowed her to cultivate new skills that are ideally suited to our new media content/distribution intensive marketplace.

In 2000, Kay was hired by Global Hues (IPG) to manage the launch of their New York office. Within the first year of operation, the New York office signed 5 new accounts including BET Network (Viacom), Verizon Wireless, Exelon, Salomon Smith Barney, Excelon, and Hilton Hotels.

In June 2001, Kay founded MediaSense — a New Jersey based company specializing in developing integrated marketing/media platforms designed to generate a positive ROI against a specific set of goals, using both traditional and new media elements. This vision was an outgrowth of Kay’s keen interest in the evolving communications marketplace, where she has played a very visible role in the vast changes that have shaped its growth.

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, MediaSense, has demonstrated a successful track record working for small, medium and large enterprises and providing efficient, measurable results. Some of her diverse clients include Scottish Enterprise (Government of Scotland), Dr, Mae Jemison’s 100 Year Starship Project (DARPA), AT&T, Uptown Publishing Group, MetLife, HBO, Healthfirst, VTech, The U.S. Army, The Game Show Network, Gillette, Nike, General Mills, RUSH Communications, The Positive Community, Platform Conference, and The Bronner Bros. International Hair Show.

Kay has served 6 years on the AAAA’s Research Committee and was named one of the Top 50 Advertising and Marketing Executive in 2011 by Black Enterprise Magazine (February 2011 Issue) and Outstanding Woman In Marketing & Communications by Ebony in 2006.

About MediaSense

Created in 2001 by Kay Lucas, MediaSense is an offspring of the new innovation economy, which has revolutionized the way business is being done today. Kay was prompted to create a company that had the ability to integrate the best of the old and the new. Trained in traditional agency thinking at some of the largest ad agencies in the world, Kay felt compelled to create a new company that could harness new digital technology while maintaining age old principles that work for marketers. To this end, MediaSense is a company that specializes in developing highly innovative marketing platforms that deliver very concrete and specific results while understanding the key needs of marketers. MediaSense helps brands leverage the power of integrated marketing to create higher revenues, higher profits and a better ability to meet brand goals. We help our clients effectively adapt to the needs of the new technology focuses, information based marketplace while maintaining their core brand integrity and equity.